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About Nalanda School 
HRISHIKESH: Its Historical Significance

Hrishikesh is the most ancient pilgrim place. It is an abode of Gods,a place of worship and penance of the sages and saints. The celestial stream Ganga descends down here from the foot-hill of the Himalayas. Hence it is regarded as the most pious pilgrim place.The mystical powers of the earth and water of this place, the spiritual effect, the penance of the sagas and gods make it the supreme holy pilgrim place.

There are legends about this holy pilgrim place in the scriptures. Lord Vishnu appeared The great sage Raibhya muni  prayed Lord Vishnu to dwell in this place for ever. before the sage Raibhya in penance under the mango tree and told him to ask for a boon.  Lord Vishnu was pleased to be present here forever as Hrishikesh and said,  “Osage! Lord Bharat will reinstall me here in Treta Yuga and I shall be known as Bharat in Kaliyug.Adi Guru Shankaracharya will install me here in due course of time.

HRISHIKESH : Its Meaning

The root words “Hrishik” and “ish” join together to make “Hrishik+ish, Hrishikesh; “Hrishik” means “senses”  and  “ish” means “master” or “Lord” Hence the word means Lord of senses or Lord Vishnu. The sage Raibhya conquered his senses and attained Lord Vishnu, the conqueror of senses. Hence the place is known as Hrishikesh. However, later on it was pronounced as Rishikesh. In Skand Puran, this area is known as Kubjamrak as Lord Vishnu appeared here under a mango tree.  In religious rites people still use this name even today..

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