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Our Philosophy

A Pre-School is your child�s first experience away from you. To ensure, that this transition from home to school is a smooth process, we have Buddy, your child’s Fun Partner at EuroKids Pre-School. As your little bundle of joy takes the first step into a new world, he or she is not alone. Buddy is always there to help your child get comfortable in the nurturing environment of our Pre-School. This makes Buddy your child�s best friend at EuroKids Pre-School.

Our Philosophy

Most parents wonder �Which is the best kids nursery school near me? �How safe and hygienic is the play school near me for kids? EuroKids with its �Child First� philosophy and a new-age Mindful Curriculum, emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow to imbibe essential life skills through exploration and discovery. Integrated use of scientifically designed games, toys and technology in our Pre-School curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children. Our emphasis on the child�s well-being and development, in close coordination with parents, makes EuroKids, one of the best pre-schools in the country.

Why EuroKids

At EuroKids, we are redefining early child care education for over 17 years with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. Our �Child-First� ideology at the core of our pedagogy enables us to ensure your child�s development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment. This 360-degree engagement makes�EuroKids Your Child�s Second Home!

We launched EuroKids in 2001 & since then have rapidly changed the face of Pre-school education in the country. Our success as one of the leading education service providers raised the expectations of many hopeful parents, who were keen to see their children continue to blossom under our guidance. This success has inspired us to start EuroSchool, which today is a network of 10 K-12 schools across 6 cities. Furthermore, with over 18 awards, we are setting new benchmarks by REINVENTING EDUCATION.

Buddy’s World

EuroKids offers your child a great environment to learn and discover new things every day. As a parent, you may wonder �Is the kids preschool near me, good for my child?� At EuroKids, our pre-schools have child-friendly furniture & provide an exciting learning ambience to your child. Infrastructure in our pre-schools is built as per international standards to ensure your child enjoys the best pre-school environment.

Our Programs

Our Mindful curriculum EUNOIA is designed to help your child learn & enhance life skills with specially crafted multi-level kindergarten school programs. EuroKids Pre-School curriculum is full of fun activities. Musical experiences, storytelling, DIY kits and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play ensures your child gets the best pre-school experience possible.

  • EuroSenior
    �Building & enhancing vocabulary
    �Developing attention span
    Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing with exclusive EuroKids Kits�Preparing children for primary school.