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Doon International Public School


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DIPS aims to provide the experiences for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual, sensorial and social development of the child through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment. Thus enabling the child to cipe with the ever growing challenges of life.

The Doon internationalal Public School�is a Co-educational, secular, day, English medium school from I to standard VIII. It� Plans to add a� class every year, eventually reaching reaching class XII.

“Our aim is to help young minds grow
and learn in an amicable environment resulting
in the all round development of the child.”

The Society visualizes an education system, which will foster independent thinking, experimentation, universal values, overall excellence and services to humanity within a safe and caring environment. The system encourages students to develop sound ethical value simultaneously exposing them to the most modern and technologically driven, educational environment.

…to provide an educational environment to foster �the pursuit of excellence�, such that every student is given the opportunity to reach maximum scholastic and personal excellence.

….to provide a caring environment in which individual attention is given to the general well being, academic and personal development of each student.

Our objectives

  • To introduce the child to the joys of learning through play.
  • To channelise their energy through recreational activities.
  • To instill good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.
  • To enlarge the horizons and-broaden the outlook of the children.
  • Best of the learning tools and equipments to kindle and develop the learning abilities of your child.

What we offer?

  • Provides workshops for difficult subjects like maths, science etc. where these subjects becomes easy for students.
  • Special English classes for those students who are weak in English Language.
  • Skilled and trained teachers to give your child the best of guidance and care.


In order to enhance the total development of character through all aspects of school life, the school emphasises

  • Perseverance in �the pursuit of excellence�
  • Acceptance of personal responsibility
  • concern for others
  • A feeling of oneness with those of different race, religion and social background
  • An ethical approach to all aspect of life
  • respect for integrity and truth
  • Team work
  • Self � motivation
  • Practical , applied learning
  • Community responsibility toward the less privileged
  • To develop in students a lasting commitment to internationalal co-operation and a readiness to promote this cause actively throughout their lives.