What Is The Benefits Of Yoga?

Anyone can get benefit from the practice of Yoga. It can be practiced from childhood to old age. It can be practiced by the physically able and the disabled, and by people of all kinds of spiritual belief or by people with none.

Yoga means’ yoke ‘or’ union ‘�and it is the calm control of mind and body through breathing and gentle movement. Its essence is inner harmony, peace and calm – golden gifts in today’s stressful world.

Maharshi Patanjali blessed mankind with the science of Yoga. Yogic kriyas, Asanas, Shatkarma are the activity, which brings our body and soul in harmony, helps in controlling emotions. When physical and mental harmony persists it ensures higher levels of efficiency in our daily life. So the Yoga is must for every human being.        

Although the Yoga is good for health yet it needs proper training on how to perform the activities otherwise it may be harmful to the body,


Reduce Stress;

Improves Balance, Stamina, Concentration, Focus, Strength, Flexibility;

Gives a greater range of motion;

Hormonally balancing, relieves sciatica pain, headaches, lowers blood pressure;

Better digestion and possible weight loss;

Helps you sleep better

Following are the name of a few Yogasanas and the benefits of the practicing these asanas for your information:

Name of AsanBenefits
01. ShavasanaIt helps to bring down high blood pressure and gives immense relief to the mind. Particularly for those engaged in a mental activity like reading and writing. Even those who advised against doing other Asana due to high blood pressure could perform this Asana. It helps ease tension and stress for those involved in physical activities. This Asana should be performed after completing the daily round of Yogic Asana. Shavasana done during fasting soothes the nervous system.
02. Ardha HalasanaThis Asana gives excellent exercise to the pelvis region. Any pain in the lumbar region due to wrong posture or pressure could be rectified to a great extent by its regular practice. It also burns the excess fat in the thighs, hip, and abdomen.
03. Uttan PadasanaThis Asana gives a Helpful in curing nervous weakness and constipation. Strengthens abdominal muscles and intestinal organs. Avoid severe back and knee pain.
04. SarvangasanaImproves the activities of reproductive organs in both men and women. It helps in relieving bronchitis. Dyspepsia. Varicose veins and increases digestive capacity. It stimulates the thyroid and Para-thyroid glands and influences the brain. Heart and lungs. It improves blood circulation and gives quietness to the mind.
05. MatsyasanaIt is very useful for a person suffering from chronic cough, bronchial asthma, congestion, infected tonsils, and other respiratory disorders, problems relating to the thyroid and parathyroid glands could also be overcome by performing this Asana.

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